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  • Fri

    The Retro Band

    starting at 10pm

    RETRO, is a band made up of friends and spiritual families. We got together to create a band with a higher purpose, while having a ton of fun along the way. Randy Hunley, a Burlington native, had a Vision of playing great music that impacted people in a fresh & new way. He got together with long time friend Clifton Graves, who was one of the most influential funk & soul bass players in the area. They later added Greg Harvey on drums. Greg's history in percussion extends back 20+ years having started drum line in jr high. While playing at a local jazz club, Randy came across local fusion guitarist Jerry Clapp and together they formed RETRO. Each having different styles that came together to make MUSIC; the old with the new! You will REMEMBER us! We are not the norm. We'll grab your ear and your listening experience will NEVER be the same.

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