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  • Fri

    Runyon's Funyons

    starting at 10pm

    Runyon’s Funyons is a band of vast musical strengths in every genre. Bassist Ben Palmer, and drummer Todd Proctor, form a foundation of one of the strongest rhythm sections any band could aspire to have. Having played together for the past two decades in over 1000 shows, Ben and Todd have cultivated a bond between them resulting in a complex chemistry, necessary to the formula that is imperative for a solid groove. The addition of guitarist/arranger/vocalist, Arlin Tart, and guitarist/vocalist, Justin Runyon, the band’s capabilities reach a limitless coverage of genres including Rock, Pop, Country, Funk, Soul, Blues, Folk, and Jazz. The band is not just a group of professionals, but also a group of friends, creating an experience that is genuinely unsurpassed. Having a great time on the stage, and off the stage, is what these guys are about. You will definitely be forced to party with these guys as your leaders!

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